'Tis the Season for Shopping...or is it?

By Adrea Gibbs

GIBBS 2012 (2).jpg

‘Tis the season of shopping and all through the valley
Everybody was eager, preparing to rally
For the bargains were tempting from here and from there
Seemed the sale signs were screaming from everywhere.

When what to my wandering mind did emerge
A thought so fantastic to the fore it did surge
Macy’s and Sears, anything ending with -Mart
I suddenly felt so incredibly smart.

Push back Target, Old Navy, Bed Bath & Beyond
JC Penny’s and Best Buy, then like “poof” with a wand,
My head soon got clearer, I felt light as air
Realizing I didn’t have a holiday care.

The season would not be “I wants,” or “I needs,”
Rather something far different that truly supersedes
Gift certificates and cards, packages tied with bows
For none I would need as this game plan arose.

On debit, on credit, check, bitcoin or cash
No need for the bank or that last minute dash
To the ATM or market making sure I was flush
Or heading into the fray of that last-minute rush.

I decided this holiday would be filled with more heart
Than anything requiring a battery to start
Favorite cookies and music, memories from the past
A personalized offering, a gift that would last.

Tokens to remind them of times that were good
Of friends and of family for they always would
Make for shining bright days and evenings of fun
Of games and of movies, of meals, though long done.

Still harken the reasons we suddenly smile
When considering those who make each day so worthwhile
A envelope or box filled with nudges and hints
That when opened is filled with more than glitter and glitz.

No recipient can imagine the overflow of joy
Far better than even this season’s top-selling toy
Recollections surpassing both reason and rhyme
And that is quite simply, the present of time.

In unwrapping those memories built from CDs and candy
Card games and trivia and all such things dandy
They will know from the contents that spill this yuletide
What each means in my life from the love tucked inside.

So consider this season doing something quite novel
In giving your loved ones more than some shiny bobble
And with that last thought I wish you much delight
Happy holidays to all, and to all, a good night.