By Diane Lange

We talk about mindfulness as a way to slow down and be aware and awake to all that is around us. That's a great start but lets add to it.
Ask yourself:  Am I making each decision/choice from a place of love or fear?
When we have conversations that are getting heated, or we are already in the middle of an argument, or voicing our opinions with attitude, ask yourself: Am I showing love or fear?

-  What am I bringing to this conversation love or fear? 
-  Am I coming from a place of love or fear?
-  If we are being judgmental we are coming from fear.
-  Am I looking to prove myself? That's more fear.

I try to ask myself: Am I showing my loving side or my fearful side? Who or what type of person do I want to be?
Take some time when making all choices and decisions to really think about this question.
If we made our choices/decisions based on love we could eliminate guilt and shame. Our decisions/choices would steer us in the right direction.

We are a society based on fear so naturally we see and feel fear around us. We see fear all throughout the media and society. Fear leads us into wrong choices. Choices that are based on looking for acceptance and approval from outside of ourselves, set us up for failure. They hurt us or others and can bring us pain and suffering. Love would do the complete opposite.

Paying attention to the question: "Did I make this decision based on love or fear?", before we jump at a decision that would cause a huge shift in our life.
Just that one simple question "Did I make this decision based on love or fear?" can change the direction of your life.

If you realize your making your decisions based on fear then ask yourself: How could you make a more loving decision? or add more love and compassion to your life?

We have the power to follow the path of love. Life is based on the sum of our choices. Choose love.