Arlene was born in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and educated in the New York City school system including an Associated Degree from Brooklyn College. After marriage she studied Education at SUNY New Paltz, receiving a BS in 1977 and MS in 1984. While living in Woodstock, she was a per diem teacher for the Kingston Consolidated School District. Upon moving to Dutchess County, she became a volunteer with the CPS (Child Protection Services) education program for 20 years and taught religious education for 14 years.
Arlene has written for the Van Wyck Gazette and Norwegian-American publications.

Articles by Arlene Larsen



Bandstand gives the audience just what it craves, an entertaining evening filled with upbeat music by Robert Oberacker in the 1940’s big band genre, along with toe-tapping choreography by Andy Blankenbuehler.

A Visit to Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The next time the dreary winter weather seems to be getting you down, ignore your tendency toward the familiar and think more creatively about a change of venue......

China Experience

Ever since a family vacation to Epcot Center in Orlando, we became hooked on the idea of walking on the Great Wall of China...... 

Safari South Africa   

The thrill of standing right at the bottom of the African continent,(Cape of Good Hope), where 500 years ago Bartolomeu Diaz first experienced the wind and fury of the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans’ coming together makes the thirty hours round trip to South Africa bearable......

Visit to Mexico City

Thinking about a vacation in Mexico might conjure images of lying on a white sandy beach, bright sunshine punctuated by warm breezes, a margarita in hand and the sounds of mariachi music in the background....

A Journey to Croatia & Slovenia

‘Jewels of the Adriatic’ was how our tour company, smarTours, billed this consummate journey and they were true to their word.....

Egyptian Adventure

Anyone who has seen the great classic movie, ‘Cleopatra’, or had an afternoon perusing the Egyptian Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art will admit to harboring a desire to seeing it all in person.....

Our Passage to India

India was the most difficult trip we ever embarked upon.  The streets of the cities are crowded with all manner of humanity and animals, and no one seems to be in charge.