The Power of Acceptance

By Diane Lang

Sometimes the only power we have left is to accept and let go. When we look at things in our life that are out of our control, and there is nothing left we can do to fix it or change it, then we feel powerless. The best thing we can is regain our power. To do this, we must first let go of our need to change it or fix it. We must let go of our resistance. If we keep resisting the change we will stay stuck. We will stay in a spot (the gray area) where we are no longer at the old phase but can’t get to our new start. This area, otherwise known as the gray area, is a time that most of us will feel stuck and powerless. We can use this gray area in a few different ways.

  • We can use it as a teachable/learnable moment – what can I learn from my past experience? What changes do I want to make for a smooth transition?
  • We can use it as a time for self-inquiry and reflection – we can take the time to ask questions such as: where do I want to go? What does my new chapter of life look like? What habits/patterns do I keep repeating that no longer serve me?
  • We can stay stuck in fear. In most cases, if we stay stuck for too long, we end up back in our old habits/patterns which leads us to being stagnant. This can also lead to depression.

Instead, it’s time to let go of our past experience and old chapters of life. Look at the clues/signs that are going on in front of you that will help lead in you in the right direction. Follow your intuition to help make better choices. Let go of your resistance and accept where you are at this very moment. This is true acceptance. You have let go and accepted your place for now! I use the word “now” at the end of the sentence because acceptance does not mean the situation and/or how you are feeling is permanent. It means where you are at this current time. Once we let go and accept things can change, resistance is gone, the power is brought back.

So, when all else fails and your’re  feeling completely powerless, take it back by letting go and accepting where you are so you can move forward.