Robert Pucci is a professor of Communication at SUNY ULSTER where he is also the coodinator of the Communication and Media Arts program. He worked as a correspondant for the old Newburgh Beacon Evening News and was a feature producer and weatherman for News Center 6 in Wappingers Falls.

Articles by Robert Pucci


The Flea Market Scene

It is Zero Dark Thirty and a long caravan of vehicles is making its way down Route 7 towards New Milford, Connecticut. There are panel trucks, box trucks, flatbed trucks, SUV’s of every type, vans of white and a stray station wagon and sedan. They turn at a road sign welcoming them to the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market. It is well before dawn and, for this caravan of flea market dealers, it is the start of a long and hopefully profitable day....


The Local Auction Scene

Now that spring is upon us, antique seekers and collectors will be out in force searching for treasures at flea markets and local antique centers. But there is another route to finding those treasures, one that is well suited to winter days and foul weather, in any season. It is also the place where most dealers find the items that you might purchase at the flea market or the local Antique Center. It is at auction...