Articles by Noel Chrisjohn Benson


HappyLife Productions and the Art Work of Mike DuBois

Over the tiny bridge in Woodstock, as you’re walking toward the library, there is a happy little store with happy workers, which not only holds some of the nicest logo designs and local artwork around, but is actually managed by one of the artists himself,  Mike DuBois. DuBois is noted for his recognizable style, that goes along with the makings of old 60’s concert flyers, mingled into his own creations of psychedelic art and visions....


The Station Bar & Curio

Back in the little town of Brown’s Station in the early 1900’s, one could imagine what life was like for the toll collectors. Waiting for people in stylish clothes from out of town to come up and experience the Catskills, swim in the creeks, float down the Esopus and hike the landscapes.