“Quartet” by Nancy Ostrovsky
on cover of Van Wyck Gazette Fall Issue 2017

The intricacies of the use of colors - patterns, composition and images from my unconscious, are all important aspects of how I respond to the music I am hearing. For example I have experienced some specific colors of deep hues and variations of blues and purples, the sounds of very lower notes from the acoustic bass. They give me an infinite number of possibilities.

Good music hits me in my belly, works its way through my body, creating emotions and energies that force me to be real... as real as possible while painting that particular work.

I would add, included at times is certainly a joyousness and humor in my work. Each performance is different. There are many choices to make in the moment when painting live - there are the musicians, the audience and how I am thinking and feeling. Colors are only one aspect of my process. The work generally is figurative. - Nancy Ostrovsky

Explore her works at http://nancyostrovsky.com