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Mikes’ poems and music criticism have appeared and/or/are forthcoming in hundreds of magazines but have yet to generate any reportable income. Second chapbook, Eve’s Venom (Post Traumatic Press, 2014) Purgatory Road (Pudding House Press, 2010) Anthologies: WaterWrites & Riverine (Codhill Press, 2009, 2007) Will Work For Peace (Zeropanik, 1999). VP, Calling All Poets in Beacon, NY. Producer of CAPSCASTS, recordings from CAPS, available at www.callingallpoets.net etc. Music features, interviews, & CD reviews appear in Elmore Magazine. He is a senior writer at Van Wyck Gazette.


Articles by Mike Jurkovic


An Interview with the Maverick - Mr. Kenny Barron

Before he was barely of legal age, jazz master Kenny Barron was jamming in his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with such notables as drummer Philly Joe Jones and saxophonists Jimmy Heath and Yusef Lateef. The musical titans he started freelancing with upon his move to New York at the young age of 19 were no less staggering: Roy Haynes, Lee Morgan, and James Moody....

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The Happy ReCAPS 2017

(Author’s note: The idea of the happy recap is borrowed from Bob Murphy (1924-2004), the revered and beloved radio and TV announcer for the NY Mets from 1962-2003. Murphy always assured you that, win, lose, or draw, there was always another game tomorrow.)

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Creating a Collaborative Community

After slowly strolling humid Huguenot Street, Emily and Susan were girlishly intent on shopping along Main Street. I, being from Mars, was in a whole darker frame of mind. Because with seventeen years of Beacon under our belts, I was hoping Calling All Poets wouldn’t be rent-chased away from home.

Calling Upon History

“This sweet old lady takes my face into her warm hands, kisses me and says “And you’re black!” recalls Kitt Potter, the new executive director - Maverick’s first in its century-plus history......

Building People, Building Trails

“This is my workspace, man,” Iron Bob says with a deeply satisfied, nearly spiritual sigh as we summit Bear Mountain. With autumn stirring, he gazes out over the Hudson.......

Down In The Grooves

The ruler of Analog Planet (www.analogplanet.com) was having a particularly bad day when I arrived forty-five minutes late.

Sail On Sailors 

I should start at the beginning. My good friend Bob Torsello gave me the idea for this story about the restoration of the ferry sloop Woody Guthrie while hanging at the Towne Crier......

David Amram

On first glance he might strike you as a lunatic professor, leading a restless inquiry into the human spirit. David Amram is certainly that and an incorrigible creator.....



Graham Nash

Nash,” he greets, in that seer-like voice generations recall......



The Name Of The Band Is.....

“Got a very unusual head, (oom-pa-pa, oom-pa-pa) a very unusual head......


The Name of the Band is..... (chapter 2)

Chapter One closed with the spirit nation of Slambovia slowly rising above the physical into a new realm of possibility, promise, and potential.



"I had the chance to ride the railway as a kid. Coming down the mountain you'd think that rickety old thing was never gonna stop and wind up in the river!

Live @ The Falcon

Talk about a long, strange trip, imagine this one: Nineteenth century button factory turned roller rink turned cabinetry shop manifests into major musical Hudson Valley venue......

The John Street Jam

"Steve and Terri do what they do, it seems, not for the musicians, the audience, or the church to whom the proceeds go, but for the good of music itself - humbly bowing before the muse then working their tails off to keep it alive." -  Jen Clapp, HV singer/songwriter.

Live From Daryl's House

In an apartment on Quince Ave, Daryl Hall practiced his scales and found the groove early. How could he not? Philadelphia in the 60’s was erupting with talent: Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff, Thom Bell, The Delfonics, producer Jimmy Bishop, and of course, John Oates.....




As we close in on the 50th anniversary of "Hey Jude" and The White Album, imagine Paul McCartney bounding across the global stage and not playing any Beatles songs. He's done it before on the Reeperbaum and at the Cavern....


By way of an intro, I want to let you know what you won’t find here. You won’t find reviews of music by American idles, Survivor rejects, or artists who demand more time in rehab or on Hollywood gossip shows than CD players.....


Highland kid moves to the big city and gets cocky.