Meryl is a Published Author, her book “You Were Born to Shine” will be released this summer. She is also working on her second book “Bounce Back Women”, comprised of stories written by strong, successful women who have overcome adversity; Fran Drescher, Donna Hogan, sister of Anna Nicole Smith, Dominique Blake, Olympian winner and many others.
After surviving unimaginable adversities herself, she has become an advocate for giving back and helping other women find their success no matter what challenges they may have faced.
In addition to being a writer, she is a Strategic Life & Relationship Coach, Guest Speaker, Celebrity Confidence Expert and Founder of Bounce Back Women, a non for profit foundation.
At present, she is working on numerous media projects.



Articles by Meryl Hartstein

How to Get Your Groove Back in Mid Life

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Tips on Creating a Happy Relationships

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The Greatest Gift

I’ve heard of stories where people would receive gifts anonymously. They were anywhere from cups of coffee to a year’s tuition. It always would amaze me why someone wouldn’t want acknowledgement for their generosity.....

How to Make a Good Impression     

When we meet someone for the first time, it’s natural for our guard to be up. We automatically size them up with our eyes.....