Isabel Minunni is a home cook who competes in recipe contests and cooking competitions, she has won many awards through her cooking, including a trip to Italy. Her appearance on The Kelly Show cooking with Kelly and Michael is one of Isabel's fondest accomplishments.  Isabel has a passion to create and share her culinary skills, 'It's a cooks way to express herself" says Isabel.  Cooking has brought her more amazing opportunities and experiences then she could have ever realized, she is enjoying the endeavors her cooking has taken her, thus far.  Isabel is a mother of two adult children, she and her husband love to travel, and they share a love for animals. When Isabel is not cooking and traveling, she resides at home with her husband and 4 rescue pets.  

Articles/Recipes by Isabel Minunni

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Easy Grilled Eggplant Tacos

Nothing wakes up your taste buds more than the first few springtime recipes! This impressive taco will bring your gatherings to the next level in taste and presentation! It has turned into my families’ favorite; you know you have a hit when you find your daughter making eggplant taco’s to impress her friends!


Autumn Squash

I actually won a recipe contest with a stuffed acorn squash! However this is not that recipe, sorry. The winning recipe gives me merits for having other successful stuffed squash recipes! ....

Start Your Grills

The season is finally here and for me it was long awaited! I have been eager to bring out all my favorite summer recipes that have been in hiding over this past winter season....

Spring is a Time of Renewal

As the warm winter comfort foods enters into hibernation; the fresh new spring and summer banquet begins its blossom. Spring is the rebirth of nature; the light shines brightly bringing everything into a state of new beginning.....

Ringing in the Holidays

The holidays are a special time of year. They signify spending time with loved ones, celebrating and making a lifetime of memories. It's a time of reflection and appreciating those close and dear to us......