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I don’t think much about traditional form. No artist totally ever has, nor should, lock themselves in that way. I love to edit, so I keep the three line, 5-7-5, seventeen syllable perspective fixed on the horizon and prune longer pieces to the core of what I hoped to say or, better yet, the moment demanded, or, as Garcia sings Robert Hunter “Once in a while / You get shown the light / In the strangest of places / If you look at it right.”


Highland haiku

By Mike Jurkovic


the first falling of
leavestakes you   gone   eighty-nine
eleven pm

this lake draws into
itself   like all living things
draws into itself

gather the moments
my friendsthey are all that is
given us to share

your back porch prayers
answered   mine too given a
warm and kind reply

this is more like a
small town cumquat parade than
a march to freedom                                   

call me a crazy
but isn’t permission to
revolt not defeat

she kept fightingheart
I owe her the same

she asleep as I
tell this talea story true
a fine love complete

I need only work
with one basket   empty it
fill it   emptyfill

wisdom is weightless
which explains my beefy tone                   
my obstinate law

boughs weighted with
small town snowtake sunrise and
sprint into glory

it was a New York
nightstrangers become cohorts
in jazz and blue notes

only dust and lost
birds fly over the mountains
I climb without love

nocturnes surround her
liquid luminescenceher
lips of lovestill wet

welcome him to the
open skythe tower of
his song   ascending



freight train shakes Hudson
awakeexhausted sinner
genuflects the sun

soft and breathing she
gives me perspectiveshe dreams
news stars in the sky

sailing off into
the Awosting skylet her
embrace settle you  

like God’s own garden
wrens feed in oursgracklescrow
bluebirds fill the sky

fireflies aglow
as if the stars have fallen
on our wild meadow

they were violent
in Shakespeare's day too  so that
makes us quite equal

I cannot describe
this momentfinally free                     
of definition

wild water diamonds
driftwood   gulls alightpeering
wild water diamonds

all sons and poets
learn from their fathersthe code
of shamans   live free

wild stinging winter
rainMonk's pianoBach's well          
tempered clavier

join the motion of
the worldcease your lonely fife
and drum   join the dance

coveted two hawks
their voyage   cloud bank bumpers
bend their flight   hold true

just open the door
as it was opened for you
let the spirits in

reach outreach outreach
outyou do not want to be
alone in the end

the commotion of
America goes onand
on   impedingly   30