Joseph H. Caplan

It has taken just about five years to select our most unique group of creative and talented contributors then publish the very first Best of Van Wyck Gazette Special Edition. I envisioned the concept of a community magazine while a graduate student at Marist about twenty years ago, later published a magazine in the corporate world and another while a homeowner in a large community.

Our focus promotes both a very loyal advertiser base and professional group of writers. Our logic is that advertisers know their business and writers know theirs. So our Contributing Editors are published authors, playwrights or poets, not advertisers. Over the years our pursuit of quality has attracted both corporate advertisers and local entrepreneurs. The steady availability in print has built a media product with experts in their fields, those who live a lifestyle worthy of their time to write a story and your valuable time to read it.

Competition is fierce in the micro-publication market. So only about one in one hundred writer applicants makes it into print in Van Wyck Gazette based upon our very stringent criteria. Those who do cherish the Hudson Valley lifestyle. So many personalities have given the gifts of their talent over the years such as; Marilyn Cramer, Dianna Lefas, Thor Larsen, Arlene Larsen, Susan Martin, Salina Sias, Lewis Gardner, Steve Kelman and those in this Special Edition. Plus the art works of Jose Acosta, Liz Cooke, Andy Milford, Stacie Flint, Jonathan Carraher, Joseph Yeomans and, of course, Charles Fazzino. 

I hope you enjoy the very first 24 page Best of Van Wyck Gazette Special Edition and appreciate our sensational group of contributors who work magic to share our vision and infuse their personalities into our niche community magazine.

                    Joseph Caplan