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Don Rosendale is the retired corporate executive who was a vice president of major corporations such as PepsiCo and Trans World Airlines. He now raises horses and organic produce at his farm outside of Millbrook. He has previously been publishedin the New York Times, The Economist, Vanity Fair, Town and Country and other national magazines.



Articles by Don Rosendale


Railhead Jerk

I’m always fascinated by those newspaper and magazine interviews in which the reporter takes a major politico or movie star to lunch. Between observations of monumental topics - “Do you think the North Koreans will actually fire a missile to Guam”- the journalist reviews the meal -“The Dover sole went well with a Chevalier Montrachet.”


Lime Rock Park

For anyone whose memory of Lime Rock is based on the days when a “race car” was an MG with the spark plugs changed, a visit to that sports car racing track 15 minutes beyond the New York State line in Connecticut for the Pirelli World Challenge over Memorial Day weekend must have been a culture shock.....


Cadillac Restoration

If as a kid you eyeballed that 1955 Biarritz convertible in the Cadillac showroom when Manhattan’s Seventh Avenue was known as “Automobile Row”- you know, the red one with tail fins and the “Dagmar” bumper guards - but didn’t have $7,700 in 1955 money (after all, that would be $60,000 in today’s money) and said to yourself “someday I’m gonna have that car” then Chris Semke is your go to man........


A Christmas Present for the Horseman

Sketching a picture of a horse seems easy. Like there is a head and four legs and a tail and…. until you pick up a pencil and find out why there are only a handful of successful equine portrait painters in the country........