Thor was born in Stavanger, Norway and arrived in NYC in 1948. He was educated in NYC schools including Queens College and Columbia University in physics and EE and awarded an IBM fellowship to RPI for one year in Electro-physics. After graduation, Thor joined IBM in Research and Development, earned 13 US Patents and several Corporate Awards and retired after 37 years.  Subsequently, he was a private consultant for five years with clients in Denmark, US and Canada. After retirement, he focused on non-technical writing for Norwegian-American publications, with special focus on Norwegian literature, art and culture. Thor developed skills in oil painting, graphite drawing and pastel at the Woodstock School of Art. Thor married wife Arlene in 1964 and their favorite hobby has been traveling, especially internationally. They spent time in Northern California and several places in Upstate New York, and had an opportunity to live in Southern England for two years. In addition to many visits to Norway, they have visited most European countries at least once, including a winter visit to Russia in 1976. After retirement, Thor and Arlene have traveled more frequently and further afield. These destinations include China, India, Africa, South America, and the Middle-East.


Articles by Thor A. Larsen

1. Book Reviews

"One of Us" the story of Anders Breivik and the Massacre in Norway -
by Asne Seierstad

Asne Seierstad, a Norwegian journalist and writer whose credentials include books on Afghanistan (The Book Seller of Kabul) as well as books on life in Iraq, and Chechnya during brutal conflicts, turned her attention to the most brutal event in Norway since World War II, the Massacre of 77 people in Oslo and Utoya Island in the year 2011......


The Ice Princess by Camilla Laackberg

Camilla Laackberg is a young (b.1970) Swedish writer and was an economist who ‘accidentally’ became a writer after her mother and husband signed her up for a creative writing course as a Christmas present. Shortly thereafter, Camilla wrote her first crime novel.......

Edvard Munch "THE SCREAM"

I just noted that the Feb. 21, 2012 New York Times article, “’The Scream’ Heads for the Auction Block” and the estimates for the selling price to reach $80 million. Unable to purchase this fine Munch painting, I am able to visit and enjoy a “free” Munch painting any day of the week at the Frances Loeb Art Center at Vassar College in the city of Poughkeepsie, N.Y. The beautiful work is Edvard Munch’s ‘The Seine at St. Cloud” which demonstrated the artist’s excellent impressionist style..........

'The Cold Song' by Linn Ullman

As with ‘Stella Descending’, there is a tragedy that happens early in the book and Ms. Ullmann teases the reader throughout the book as to who caused this tragedy. Unfortunately, the author leaves the reader to wonder which one of a number of potential culprits caused the tragedy..........


'Child Wonder' by Roy Jacobsen

Only three of more than 20 of Mr. Jacobsen’s books have been translated into English, that is: ‘The New Water’, ‘The Burnt-out town of Miracles’ and more recently, ‘Child Wonder’. He has been honored with more than 10 literature prizes in Norway and England.......




Leading Authors of Espionage Novel

John Le Carre, born in 1931 and still lives in England, became well known with his spy novel, ‘The Spy Who Came in from the Cold’ published in 1963. This novel and another eight spy novels published until the mid-1980’s focused on the struggles between the British Spy network and their counterparts behind the ‘Iron Curtain’.......




'The Unseen' by Roy Jacobsen

Roy Jacobsen has written over twenty books since his first in 1982. Included are short stories including his first ‘Prison Life’ (1982) a biography on plus more than ten novels.  The subjects of the books are diverse, including two based on WWII,’ Borders’ and ‘Burnt-Out Town of Miracles’,  otherwise, the themes seem mostly to be about life away from large cities.  



VWG Facebook Sept.jpg

'Beyond the Truth' by Anne Holt

When I am looking to read a fast-moving modern mystery in a Norwegian setting, with very little if any violence, I turn to Anne Holt. Since 1993, Anne Holt has been a prolific author of thrillers and mystery novels. My count was 20 with 10 stories about detective Hanne Wilhelmsen of the Oslo Police Department....


2. Musical Reviews


Oslo at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater at Lincoln Center

Playwright TJ Rodgers, via his friend, director, Bartlett Sher, met in 2011 with the two Oslo Accord facilitators, Terje Rod-Larsen, a director at the Fafo Institute for Applied Social Science in Oslo and his diplomat wife, Mona Juul and learned of their role in enabling the Oslo Accord in 1993.



Bandstand gives the audience just what it craves, an entertaining evening filled with upbeat music by Robert Oberacker in the 1940’s big band genre, along with toe-tapping choreography by Andy Blankenbuehler.....


3.Travel Articles

Impressions of Stavanger on a Return Visit to Norway

Having spent the first ten years of my happy childhood in Stavanger, I was anxious to return with my wife and experience an in-depth visit to modern Stavanger.....

Dublin's Liffey River, with the first Viking settlement in the distance on the left.jpg

Exploring Dublin's Viking History

According to recorded history, Viking raiders first landed on the coast of Ireland in the end of the eighth century. These early raids were likely launched from Southwest Norway......