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A camel crossing sign looms ahead through the bus window. Bedouins herd their goats. Yes, she has some tough neighbors. Syria sits to her north; Iraq is to her east. While it discourages a lot of people from visiting Jordan, it shouldn’t. The Jordanians are some of the nicest, most giving, generous people you’ll ever meet. Literally they cannot do enough for you. And they are proud to introduce you to the natural and man-made marvels of their country, and their astounding heritage.


Relief Riders International in Ecuador

When Alexander Souri first shared his vision with a friend, the reaction was one of disbelief. “That’s great. Why don’t you call me when you wake up?”
Alexander did not let that deter him.
Admittedly, his idea seemed a bit Pollyannish. “Ride horses through the desert and help people who need it. Poor people. Bring them medicine and food......”

morpho on orchid-2.JPG

Magic Wings

The sign by the door reads “Smell me.” Pots of fragrant gardenia bid the traveler to stop and indulge in their heady fragrance. Norfolk Island Pines stretch to the roof, lantana cascades down a stone wall, natural light illumines the interior. Stunning butterflies in cobalt blue, fire red and shimmering chartreuse flutter by. Hmm, did someone beam us to Florida?.....