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Adrea is a freelance writer with more than 20 years experience writing for a variety of publications and is the author of several books including Let’s Put On A Show! A Beginner’s Theatre Handbook for Young ActorAdrea's Animals Alphabet, and 365 Cakes: Creating Ultimate Cakes from a Box. She has written and directed several DVDs, Break a Leg!: An Introductory Guide to Stage DirectingGetting Your Kicks!: A Beginner's Guide to Choreography, and Theatre Games: Exercises for Learning Acting Skills, about different aspects of theatre. Adrea’s illustrative work can be seen in Tummy Mommy Heart Mommy by Jennifer Kramer, Lunch Money by Eric Andrist, and the soon-to-be-released Delphi the Dolphin’s Gigantic Discovery by Amy Gollenberg. 
Adrea has a spectrum of expertise that ranges from entertainment to business, travel to fitness, customer service to retail development and uses her combined knowledge to benefit both the projects and organizations with which she is associated all in a combined effort to keep herself out of trouble.

Articles by Adrea Gibbs


The Words of Winter

I grew up in Southern California, but during my eighth year we moved to Massachusetts. During winter. It was the first time we had lived in snow. Our family had seen, played, even vacationed in snow, so the element wasn’t something with which we weren’t familiar, but living in it was a different story. Snow days were that of which dreams were made, for us kids, anyway.


‘Tis the Season of Shopping...or is it? 

‘Tis the season of shopping and all through the valley
Everybody was eager, preparing to rally
For the bargains were tempting from here and from there
Seemed the sale signs were screaming from everywhere.

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Cents and Sensibilities

Even today, the strong-willed characters of Jane Austen’s world would seem well suited to some of the complexities of today’s relationships.....

So, How About Those Dog Days of Summer?

As things start to get, change that, have gotten, significantly warmer in the last weeks and the mugginess that all-too-often becomes the distinguishing hallmark of summer in our region pops in for the occasional reminder of what is to come, I find myself pondering the phrase, “dog days of summer.”......

Winter Heartbreak, Hope Springs…Maybe

Honest to goodness, my husband special ordered her.  When he dropped off her pregnant mother, he made sure the staff was well aware that if one was born, it was his.....

             Hats For Cats: A Search for the Truth
                   Okay, so here’s the thing.  We’ve all heard of the Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss’ iconic book about, well,
                   the Cat in the Hat.....

            The Gift of Gab 

                  Everyone knows that the perfect gift is elusive. Sure, you may know exactly what sweater someone
                  wants or who their current band of choice may be.......

The Headless Horseman May Lead You, But Sleepy Hollow Will Make You Stay

Sleepy Hollow. The name itself conjures immediate imagery to the minds of those who have been introduced in any way, shape, or particularly the form of the Headless Horseman, to the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by American writer Washington Irving. With incarnations......

Doing Business: Finding Humanity in the Corporate World

Perhaps it is simply the philosophy that only the key messaging matters when it comes to seducing consumers into buying any given product. A singular, dedicated focus.....

The Anniversary Excuse

According to Merriam-Webster the definition of anniversary is.........